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You can get involved in H2H on many different levels. Hand 2 Hand is based on voluntary work, and greatly appreciates the volunteers who help us with practical contributions.

our project


We are involved in several orphanages in Romania. We have treatment programs as well as English courses for the children. In addition, we carry out a number of activities during the year. We also help one “shelter” for those who have nowhere to be.

Family support

We work with several poor families where we assist with everything from necessary support to development and education.

Education, health and safety

Our brand new commitment will be under this heading. In one of Europe’s poorest corners, we are initially establishing this project. This is in Voartopele De Sus in Romania. We have worked on the site with a specific family for several years and now want to do something for the entire community. In collaboration with school, fire, police and ambulance personnel from Norway / Sweden.

Letter to Santa

One of the highlights of the year is Christmas, as is the case in Romania. Many of the children / young people we have contact with throughout the year do not have parents or family who are able to give them a package of what they want. Therefore, the project “Letter to Santa” has become an annual tradition. Last year we received hundreds of wishes and believe it or not everyone got their gift. These are gifts purchased by families and businesses in Romania that have the opportunity to reach out.

Other projects

When we have the opportunity and resources, we assist at the centers we have come to know for several years.


about us

H2H (Hand 2 Hand) was started in September 2000, at the initiative of Tom Andreassen. From 1994 to 2000, Tom was employed by another Norwegian aid organization and worked full-time in relief work. He has worked on projects in Romania for a few years and has visited the country several times since 1995. In addition, Tom has worked on aid projects in Albania, Ukraine, Tanzania, Sudan and Kenya. When he joined this organization in 1999 and started working at a youth institution in Norway, he started H2H. Tom is an educated photographer, but has countless courses and many years of experience with youth work and drug rehabilitation.

H2H runs its work in Romania because it was the country they already knew best, and he had a good network of contacts there.

H2H eventually got several assistants and supporters in Norway. Several of these are educated and work in child welfare, school, substance abuse, etc. Together, they have long experience from work in substance abuse, child welfare and psychiatry that will benefit H2H in their projects.

H2H is a voluntary association. No one involved receives wages or fees for their efforts, and all funds go directly to our projects. This is an essential principle for H2H, and one of the reasons H2H started up.

H2H currently has an employee in Romania who is fully paid by Lindhaugen AS 50% and MMC Hotels 50%.

H2H receives its revenue from cultural events, sponsors and regular donors, and has several concerts a year. These are advertised through, among other things, our website.

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Your donations help us make a big difference in the communities we assist. Every single donation of money and time is deeply appreciated and every penny takes us further into the journey to change human life. We do everything we can to spend the least on administration so that we can go to the projects we are working on as much as possible.