A day through their eyes

A day through their eyes

A special Saturday, an invitation to reflection, to awareness.

The event in Spice Club (Calea Victoriei 21-23) aimed to bring almost children from foster care with children from families, for a normalisation and a breaking of stereotypes.

We entered the fairytale realm with workshops of origami, drawing, painting, face-painting, board games, floral arrangements supported by children from four placement centers for all present.

The hand-made objects present in the exhibition for sale were bought, and the money went to each center.

The evening ended with a ventriloquism show by Crina Zvoboda.

"A day through their eyes" - the fourth event for children in foster care. Lots of work, lots of ideas, energy and time invested. Nothing matters when, at the end of the day, the children smile and have happiness in their eyes.

The event was a success because our friends and all the wonderful people were close to us, they helped and supported us. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Saturday - a weekend day. A simple day of rest for the vast majority. But for the children from the four placement centers it was a day of play, drawing, play, fun, good cheer and smiles. Thanks to those who made this possible.

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