Donate your birthday

Donate your birthday

Lately, it has become a fashion to dedicate your birthday to an NGO. A very beautiful fashion, we would say.

Our beneficiaries have had three such initiatives so far.

One by Valentin Panait, Radu Deaconescu and Ovidiu Rudi.

The three dedicated their birthdays throughout various events.

The first would be Valentin's and the fundraising platform, Galatom, which wants to bring together NGOs with their causes and volunteers to support them. One way to do this is to donate your birthday. Valentin did this. The money raised by him were  enough to buy 3 bunk beds for the children from the Day and Night Shelter, sector 5!

Both Ovidiu and Radu wanted to be more practical. So they decided to go to a center every day and spend a whole day with them. That's what they did.

Ovidiu went to the children from Viață şi Lumină, and Radu to the children’s at Metropolis. We played together, we ate sweets, but also pizza, we watched the movie and obviously we took a lot of pictures.

You can also donate your birthday to support our projects.

Thanks guys for the initiative!

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Your donations help us make a big difference in the communities we assist. Every single donation of money and time is deeply appreciated and every penny takes us further into the journey to change human life. We do everything we can to spend the least on administration so that we can go to the projects we are working on as much as possible.