New friends, the Joyo Foundation

I met Adriana on a magical day. And from that moment on, our collaboration with the foundation she leads was also magical.

We had the joy of meeting the children of the foundation and the souls who come  there every day, with love and openness, to be with them!

The Joyo Foundation offers children and young people reinstated in school a rigorous program of socio-psycho-pedagogical assistance, which aims to motivate them to study and their proper preparation for school and life.

We have been thinking about them for almost three years and over time we have had a lot of projects in which we have had them as beneficiaries. From "Letter to Santa Claus", to art therapy projects, donations of clothes, going to the movies or in mountain camps.

We are very happy to meet them and to be close to them

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Our partners

Your donations help us make a big difference in the communities we assist. Every single donation of money and time is deeply appreciated and every penny takes us further into the journey to change human life. We do everything we can to spend the least on administration so that we can go to the projects we are working on as much as possible.