Our friend Alinuța

Our friend Alinuța

Exactly as we met Alinuta, we don't remember. We don't even think it matters anymore. The important thing is that it reached our souls immediately. Both she and her mother. Two wonderful, fighting and very optimistic souls, despite the difficulties.

Alinuta suffers from a severe illness, and her mother has to be with her non-stop to help her.

Fundraising campaigns for Alinuta took place in Norway. But not just in Norway. In Romania, Alinuța has her own Christmas elf who fulfils her wishes for Christmas.

Alinuta lives with her mother in Gagu village, Voluntari Commune, Bucharest. After a substantial fundraiser, they managed to build the bathroom and make the heating central functional. Now everything is fine and quiet in the neat and loving little house of Alinuta and her mother.

Over time we have been with Alinuța with various small projects: either a new wheelchair, winter shopping or Christmas tree. Alinuța is a wonderful soul, who is very dear to us, and her mother, Mrs. Geta, is a woman to be admired.

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