Photo booth in the kindergarden

Photo booth in the kindergarden

The fact that Endava is a good friend of ours is no longer a secret. That we love the people from Giulești Kids Center and appreciate the beautiful things that Daniela does is a thing known to everyone.

A photo booth, cakes and beautiful people means a few quality hours spent with the great kids in the kindergarten that Daniela set up in her own home, in order to bring the desire for beauty and education in the community in which she lives.

The pictures will speak for themselves how beautiful a Friday morning was.

And because this is not where the surprises end, those from Endava Bucharest and Pitești have prepared something else. It was a sweet day for them at the headquarters of their working place: many delicious cakes, cooked with love, care and talent were brought to the office. They ate, socialized and at the end of the day 5542 lei were raised. This amount was donated, entirely to those from Giulești. Every day Daniela sends us pictures of the little ones eating and having a huge smile on their faces. And they always thank us.

We are so lucky to have wonderful people by our side!

We thank Andreea Zanfir who took the initiative and her colleagues for their trust. We are happy when we can make those around us happy! To as many delicious events as possible!

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