The elders from Marasesti

The elders from Marasesti

Our good friend, Nicuța Enache arrived the other day at the Mărășești Vrancea at the Old People's Center. There she found 44 sick and very troubled old eldery, some of them paralyzed in bed. Souls who lived a life and now have come to spend their last days in unimaginable conditions. She talked to the two nurses who took care of them (only 2 nurses for 44 souls) and told her what do they need. They urgently need medication, adult diapers, wet wipes, detergents for cleaning and disinfection, personal care products.

In order to be able to do these things, we appealed to the goodness of the people in the H2H community. Thus, we managed to gather what was necessary for them. We even sent them wheelchairs and equipment for the disabled, donated by the Halden commune in Norway.

Niki goes to them frequently and never with an empty hand. She always brings them a pie, milk, cleaning products, even medicine.

Now the center looks much better, and those who work there are wonderful people with a generous soul.

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