The "Together for a Family" project

The "Together for a Family" project

The NGO has several large projects on which it operates. One of them is to be able to support needy families. Over time, we helped more than 5 families, either with money or with products, depending on the need.

One of these families is from the village of Vârtoapele de Sus, Alexandria. The visits of our volunteers there are full of smiles, but also sadness. Smiles because the reunion with the children is one full of longing and affection. Sadness because it is still inconceivable that in Romania in 2017 there should be people living at the lower limit of existence, in unimaginable conditions.

The other families we support are from around Bucharest. There are families, either with single mothers who raise their children, or with sick parents whose allowance received from the state is not enough.

Although their situation is not favorable, they do not rely solely on our help. This is a plus and a relief for the moments when they need hope, a good thought that everything will be fine in the end.

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Our partners

Your donations help us make a big difference in the communities we assist. Every single donation of money and time is deeply appreciated and every penny takes us further into the journey to change human life. We do everything we can to spend the least on administration so that we can go to the projects we are working on as much as possible.