Volunteer Day

Volunteer Day

Because volunteering has begun to take shape and importance in Romania, there is a day of volunteering in every big company. A day when a team is looking for an NGO and a project of its own and does it in such a way as to help that cause.

That's what happened to Provident.

A team of more than 20 adults were our volunteers for one day. We put them to work because we needed them.

One of the centers we work with, the Life and Light Center, needed a refresh of the rooms. So our volunteers turned, for a whole day, into painters.

They did a wonderful job and thanks to them the teenagers' rooms were repainted.

You can always dedicate a day to an NGO. Any such initiative has a huge impact on the beneficiaries.

Thanks to the Provident team!

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Our partners

Your donations help us make a big difference in the communities we assist. Every single donation of money and time is deeply appreciated and every penny takes us further into the journey to change human life. We do everything we can to spend the least on administration so that we can go to the projects we are working on as much as possible.